Indians of

North America

Anthropology E-320

Larry J. Zimmerman, PhD, RPA
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Lecture Notes

These lecture notes are only meant to supplement what you get from readings and class. Try to read over the notes before the class. Perhaps you might print them out and bring them along. You can fill in areas you think might be relevant that I talk about that aren't on the notes. Do not depend on these notes as a substitute for class attendance or readings!

What's in a Name?
Race, Ethnicity and American Indians
Some Comments on Indian Sports Mascots and In Whose Honor?
Some Concerns and History about Studying Indian People
Recognizing and Understanding Diversity: Culture Areas, Diffusion, and Change Through Time
Archaeology's Story of American Indian Origins, Part 1
Archaeology's Story of American Indian Origins, Part 2
Tribal Responses to Colonial Subjugation: Religious Salvation and Ideological Syncretism

On the Matter of Treaties (PowerPoint only)
American Indian Activism and the Resurgence of Tribal Governments

Bringing Back Culture
(PowerPoint only)
Native American Concerns About Education
Traditional and Contemporary Music

Extra Lecture Materials Not Discussed in Class

Effects of Assimilation: Northern Cheyenne and Lakota
Culture Change and Reservation Life

These lecture notes are meant only for IUPUI students enrolled in E-320. Sorry, but I will be unable to answer questions about them.

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