Indians of  North America

Anthropology E-320

Larry J. Zimmerman, PhD, RPA
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis



Please notice that  the class is organized around seven topics to cover in sixteen weeks, thus each topic will be about two  weeks in length, though some will be shorter or longer than others. The lectures listed are sometimes more than one class period long as noted. Readings are given by topic, not class period. Web lecture notes may cover more that one class period. Bold dates indicate assignments due or exams.
Date Topic Readings & Assignments
Aug 25 Introduction  


Aug 30

TOPIC 1:  Creating Images; Recognizing Stereotypes

Lecture 1:  What's in a Name?

Readings: NNA, pp. 6-7, 10-11;  AISR, pp. 9-118

Listen: Tribal Names & Misnomers (Listen in RealAudio...)

Sept 1 Lecture 2: Race, Ethnicity, Stereotypes, and American Indians Listen: School Textbooks (Listen in RealAudio...) ; Rewriting America's History Books (Listen in RealAudio…) 
Sept 6 In Whose Honor? and additional material (video)  
Sept 8 In class debate on sports mascots
Lecture 3:  Some Comments on Indian Sports Mascots and In Whose Honor?
Listen: Interview and call in show with Michael Haney and others on the Chief Illiniwek (Listen in RealAudio...) at the U of Illinois.; The Fighting Whities: (Listen in RealAudio…)
Sept 13 Topic 2:  Indians as Objects of Study

Lecture 4: Some Concerns and History about Studying Indian People

Readings: NNA, pp. 28-31; AISR, pp. 123-130; UP, whole book

Activity or Response paper on Mascots due

Sept 15 Lecture 5: Recognizing and Understanding Diversity: Culture Areas, Diffusion, and Change Through Time  
Sept 20 Lecture 5 continued  
Sept 22 White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men  (video) Listen:  Plastic Shamans (Listen in RealAudio...) ; The Battle for Freedom of Religion: (Listen in RealAudio…)
Sept 27 Topic 3: American Indian Diversity from Prehistory to Colonization

Lecture 6: Archaeology's Story of American Indian Origins, Part 1

Readings: NNA, pp. 8-137, 160-173

Activity or Response paper due on White Shamans & Plastic Medicine Men


Sept 29 Lecture 7: Archaeology's Story of American Indian Origins, Part 2 Protecting Native Gravesites (Listen in RealAudio…) ; Return of Our Ancestors (Part 1) (Listen in RealAudio...) ; Return of Our Ancestors (Part 2) (Listen in RealAudio...)
Oct 4 Eiteljorg Museum tour with Ray Gonyea, Curator of Native American art and culture Meet in Eiteljorg lobby
Oct 6 Exam 1 and   first turn-in of Notebook  
Oct 11 Topic 4: Questions of Policy and the Impact of Colonization

The Indian Wars (video)

Oct 18 Lecture 8: Culture Change and Reservation Life Activity or Response paper due on Eiteljorg Museum
Oct 20 Lecture 8 continued  
Oct 25 Lecture 9: Western Tribal Responses to Colonial Subjugation: Religious Salvation and Ideological Syncretism  
Oct 27 Lecture 9 continued  
Nov 1 Lecture 10: Effects of Assimilation: Northern Cheyenne and Lakota  
Nov 3 Lecture 10 continued  
Nov 8 Lighting the Seventh Fire (video) Readings: all of IG
Nov 10 Topic 5: Contributions of  American Indian cultures to America

More than Bows and Arrows (video)

Activity or Response Paper due on Lighting the 7th Fire
Nov 15 The Navajo Code Talkers (video) Windtalkers: Navajo Code Talkers: (Listen in RealAudio…)
Nov 17 Lecture 11: Traditional and Contemporary Music  
Nov 22 Topic 6: To the Seventh Generation...

Lecture 12: American Indian Activism and the Resurgence of Tribal Governments

Readings: NNA 138-159

Listen: Is Native Activism Dead or Alive?: (Listen in RealAudio…); Legal Attacks on Tribal Sovereignty: (Listen in RealAudio…)

Nov 29 Lecture 13: Native American Concerns About Education Listen:  The Success of Tribal Colleges (Listen in RealAudio…)Native Americans and College (Listen in RealAudio...); The State of Tribal Colleges:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
Dec 1 American Indian Contemporary Arts tour of Eiteljorg galleries with Jennifer Complo McNutt, Curator of contemporary art Meet in Eiteljorg lobby

Listen: What's in Store for Indian Arts (Listen in RealAudio...); The Business of Indian Art (Listen in RealAudio…);   First Americans in the Arts Awards (Listen in RealAudio…)

Dec 6 Recovering the Spirit (video) Listen: Children of Alcoholics:
(Listen in RealAudio…);
Drying Up the Rez?: (Listen in RealAudio…); Drink Until You Drop:
(Listen in RealAudio…)
Dec 8 On and off the Rez with Charlie Hill (video) Listen:  April Fool's (Listen in RealAudio...) and five other programs on Indian humor

Activity or Response Paper due on American Indian contemporary art

Dec 13 Final Exam   3:30 PM-5:30 PM Notebook due


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