Introduction to Museum Studies, A403/A503
Larry Zimmerman & Elizabeth Kryder-Reid

Videos Schedule and Guides

This schedule is tentative. Depending on timing and availability, videos may be changed, added, or cancelled. These videos are presented with definite educational objectives in mind and, they should not be treated as if they are entertainment. We urge you to take notes and to look at the support materials linked below for each video.

August 27, Stereotypes and how we think about museums: A Night at the Museum   

September 24, Thinking about objects and contexts; Where do objects get their meaning? In and Out of Africa

October 16, Decontextualized objects: Objects and memory  (Tentative, for A403 only)

October 29, Objects, representation, and the Other: Exhibiting People, Exhibiting Cultures Minik: The Lost Eskimo   and  Who owns the past?: Repatriation:  Return of the Sacred Pole


Background Image: Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

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