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Disclaimer: The materials on this web site have been prepared solely for the use of IUPUI students enrolled in A401, Cultural Resource Management. If you have copyright on images or materials used here, please notify me, and they will me taken down at the earliest possible time. As in usual academic practice,  I have credited sources for materials used. If you are an academic colleague and wish to link to these materials or use them for your teaching, feel free to do so, but try to give credit if at all possible. Generally I would recommend that you not link to materials here; I promise no updates beyond the time my class uses these materials and cannot guarantee that the web site will remain available after the class ends. If you have questions about materials and are a colleague, I'll do my best to answer them or steer you to sources that can. Generally, however, I don't answer specific questions about materials, mostly because I don't have time, not because I'm being rude. Thanks for understanding!  Larry J. Zimmerman