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Don't be a bonehead! Study for your  quizzes and final exam.

Human Origins and Prehistory

Anthropology A103/303

Larry J. Zimmerman
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Getting Ready for the Milestone Quizzes and Final Exam 




All Extra Credit, Labs, Appeals, and Projects are due by the beginning of the Final Exam on May 1!

Make-up quizzes

Milestone Quizzes usually are some for of short answer, taken at the beginning of a class period. If you miss a quiz with a legitimate excuse, you may do the quiz as a take home, but must provide a short essay rationale (1-2 paragraphs, listing a page number from the text if you used that) for your answer with is source from readings, lectures or videos. This is due one (1) class period after your return.

Milestone Quiz Makeup for Quiz 1, February 6

Milestone Quiz Makeup for Quiz 2, February 27

Milestone Quiz Makeup for Quiz 3, April 3

Milestone Quiz Makeup for Quiz 4, April 19

Milestone Quiz 5 due on May 1at start of Final Exam

Preparing for the Final

The final exam for this class is comprehensive and will be comprised of questions already given in the Milestone Quizzes, plus up to 30 new questions. You may bring a cheat sheet (same rules, both sides of an 8.5" x 11" sheet, any size font), but you must turn in the sheet with your exam.

For study purposes here is a sample quiz from last term:

A  Sample Milestone Quiz



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