Human Origins and Prehistory

Anthropology A103/A303

Schedule, Spring 2007

Note: Any changes of schedule will appear here first.

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Tentative Lecture, Reading and Exam Schedule

Following is a loosely arranged lecture and reading assignment schedule. I reserve the right to change the schedule based on class needs, illness, or other factors. The dates given for the Milestone Quizzes are only approximations of when I think they will be. I will announce some quizzes, but not others, so you will benefit by staying up to date on readings and lectures. You will be given at least one class periodís notice if a change is made for an announced milestone quiz (this wonít happen for the pop quizzes, of course). Notice that sometimes you will have a group of readings with nothing following the next class. This group of readings may apply over several class periods. Read ahead if you like. In bold Italics are key activities, quizzes and due dates. Lectures will expand on and illustrate the following topics:  Note well: All dates are only approximations  to help you keep track of where you should be in readings and "what's coming next." The pace will be determined by lots of factors including the amount of discussion, class needs, and my assessment of whether we need to spend more or less time on a subject. All milestone Quiz dates are approximations; be ready for them.

Approx Date Topic or activity Readings

Jan 9



Jan 11

How do we know what we know?
Video: A Private Universe



What culture is; What anthropology is

Chapter 1  The Essence of Anthropology.

Jan 18

A history of evolutionary theory  Powerpoint to accompany lecture

Chapter 2 Biology and Evolution.

Jan 23

Misconceptions about evolution


Jan 25



Jan 30

Understanding Evolution (video)

Read online intelligent design materials

Feb 1

Lab 1 Concepts of Time;
The Mechanics of Evolution 


Feb 6

Milestone Quiz 1


Feb 8

Primate studies 1

 Lab 1 report due; Chapter 3  Living Primates. 

Feb 13

Primate studies 2 


Feb 15

 Lab 2 Evolution of primate anatomy and locomotion  (In class)

Primate studies (video TBA)


Feb 20

Primate Studies 3: Behaviors


Feb 22

 Primates concluded   

Lab Report 2 due

Feb 27

Milestone Quiz 2
On doing archaeology

Chapter 4 Field Methods in Archaeology & Paleoanthropology.

Mar 1 Critical thinking and the past: The Wild Side of Midwestern Archaeology: Pseudoscience and the Past  
Mar 6 What makes us human? Ape Men: The Human Puzzle video Chapter 5 Macroevolution and the Early Primates. Do "Challenges of Human Paleontology" section on CD-ROM

Mar 8

The ape that stood on its own two feet   Milestone Quiz 3

Chapter 6 The First Bipeds.

Mar 13 & 15

 No class: spring break

Use CD-ROM to learn more about specimens

Mar 20

Ape Men: Giant Strides   video

Chapter  7 Homo habilis and Cultural Origins.

Mar 22 Ape Men: All in the Mind  video Use CD-ROM to learn more about specimens

Mar 27

 The Hobbit  video

Chapter 8 Homo erectus and the Emergence of Hunting & Gathering.

Mar 29

 Creationism Redux: Video: Ape Men: Science and Fiction; Discussion

Chapter 9. Archaic Homo sapiens and the Middle Paleolithic

Apr 3

Summarizing the main ideas about human evolution; Milestone Quiz 4
Lab 3 Sacred sites-Sacred Art 
 On your own

 Chapter 10. Homo sapiens and the Upper Paleolithic.

Apr 5

Times of Great Change: The Neolithic and the Rise of Civilization

Chapter 11. The Neolithic Revolution: Domestication of Plants & Animals.

Apr 10

Times of Great Change continued;
Lab 4 Monumental Architecture On your own


Apr 12

The Ice Man video

Chapter 12. The Emergence of Cities & States. 

Apr 17

Who Built Stonehenge? video;  Milestone Quiz 5
Lab 5 Digging Through the Web  On your own


Apr 19

 Race: Humanityís Most Dangerous Myth

Chapter 13 Modern Human Diversity.

Apr 24

 All non-exam projects duee-mail or deliver to Zimmerman office


May 1

Final Examination 1:00 - 3:00 PM in the regular classroom


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