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Tools for Understanding Paleoanthropology and Archaeology

The Intelligent Design in Science Classrooms Debate

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African Plio-Pleistocene Hominids Summary

Pleistocene Hominids

Paleolithic Tools Types

Homo sapiens sapiens Skull

Evolution of Human Anatomy

The Wild Side of Midwestern Archaeology: Pseudoscience and the Past


The Trunk-Monkey Alarm System

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Links to Superior Web Sites

The following Web sites have excellent materials related to this class. They were all working at the start of the course, but will not be maintained. Given the fluid nature of the Web, you may not find certain sites, though I have chosen only those most likely to remain stable for some time.

Chronological Methods

A superb piece of courseware developed by George Michaels and Brian Fagan at UC-Santa Barbara.

Footsteps Through Time: 4 million years of human evolution

Exhibit bannerFunded by the National Science Foundation, this excellent web site and exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Man starts with the primates and moves through human evolution to the modern era. It includes lots of videos of reconstructions, stills of fossil casts, and excellent descriptions of key features. I've seen their real exhibit, and it's excellent, so if you are in San Diego, don't miss it. The Museum is easy to find in Balboa Park.

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