Human Origins and Prehistory
Laboratory Assignments

These relatively simple labs are designed to provide you with insights to key issues in Bioanthropology and Archaeology. Because we don't have lots of space or equipment, some labs will be "talk and demonstration" in nature. Some require you to do simple tasks outside the classroom. You should prepare a brief report on the lab, 3-5 pages in length, outlining what you did in the lab and what you learned from it. These reports are mostly free form, but try to address the following key questions:

  • What are the key principles of this lab as discussed in class?
  • Can you see elements of what is dealt with in the lab in your life outside the classroom? If so, how?
  • If the lab required outside work, what were the results of your efforts?
  • What do you think you learned from this lab?

Laboratory 1: Concepts of Time

A key variable in both bioanthropology and archaeology is explored in demonstration, discussion, and a small, take-home assignment.




Laboratory 2: Evolution of Primate Anatomy

Several key features have undergone remarkable evolutionary change and are visible in the skeletons of our fossil ancestors. You should be able to identify most of them in lab specimens and and some of them in the human population at large. This lab has you make a chart and make observations of some of the traits in those around you in order to observe the variation.


Laboratory 3: Civilizations and Sacred Landscapes

All cultures develop a feeling of deep attachment to their landscapes and hold them in high regard, whether they are religious, historical, or ideological. In this lab you analyze the IUPUI campus as a sacred landscape.


Laboratory 4: Monumental Architecture 






Laboratory 5: Digging through the World Wide Web

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