"Roll your own grade"

Given the small operational size of the class, I'd like to make an offer.

I would like you to have the ability to construct the mechanism by which you are graded.

You need to understand that such a mechanism will need to be approximately the same amount of work that is listed on the syllabus, but it can be of different things, and you can choose the level of work for the grade you'd be satisfied with.

Here's an example of some things you could combine:

Take existing quizzes and labs and average them for 1/4 of the grade.

Do a take home final that would be about 5 essay questions where each answer would be about 2 word processed pages.

Options: Zimmerman can write the questions; you can write your own questions; you can make up a multiple choice/true-false/matching/essay exam and provide the answers. If you write them, questions would need to be of quality, not just "thrown together."

Do the project, i.e, the notebook or research project as outlined in the current syllabus.

Do an artistic work that embodies some concept of the class and write a short (1-3 page) essay discussing how your work shows the concept.

You may, of course, follow the class as currently constructed.

Approval of your Plan

If you want to "roll your own," I'd like your "plan" for it turned in on September 27th at the start of class. You may e-mail it to me.

What to turn in: