American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

AMWA holds 1-2 lunches per month with lectures concerning topics related to several topics supporting the theme of "women and medicine."  These topics are relevant to all future physicians. We not only hold lunches, but also have a successful mentoring program.  AMWA also sells IUSOM shirts for school support and "bug/drug" charts for medical microbiology and pharmacology courses as a student study aid.  Finally, we have an annual fundraiser for our philanthropy supporting organizations such as Girls Inc.


Position Last name First name Class
Co-President Myers Lori 2014 lomyers(at)
Co-President Welsh Michelle 2015 mtwelsh(at)
VP Ketchem Erin 2015 eketchem(at)
VP O'Connor Kate 2015 oconnor7(at)
VP Shao Jenny 2014 jmshao(at)
Treasurer Lin Jenny MD/PhD jblin(at)
Programming Geringer Megan 2015 mgeringe(at)
Programming Kim Christine 2016 ckim7(at)
Philanthropy Geros Kristin 2015 kgeros(at)
Philanthropy May Carissa 2015 cjmay(at)
Mentoring Olabisi Jendayi 2016 jolabisi(at)
Mentoring Reynolds Rebecca 2016 repreyno(at)

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

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