Orthopaedic SIG

The Ortho SIG is a student run organization dedicated to serving the needs of students with interest in orthopaedic surgery. Our goal as an organization is to provide invaluable mentoring and development opportunities for these students and to serve as the primary source of information regarding residencies and careers in orthopaedic surgery. We aim to achieve this goal by collaborating with orthopaedic surgery faculty, residents and staff to host several lectures, skills workshops and service events throughout the year. Any and all students are welcome and encouraged to join.

Position Last name First name Class
President Hood Mark 2015 hoodm(at)iupui.edu
President Nixon Ryan 2015 ranixon(at)iupui.edu
VP Ahsan Zahab 2014 zahsan(at)iupui.edu
VP Konopka Jeff 2014 jakonopk(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Plummer Darren 2014 drplumme(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Usmani Rashad 2016 rusmani(at)iupui.edu
Secretary Miller Tyler 2014 tycmill(at)iupui.edu
Campus Liaison Frantz Travis 2015 frantzt(at)iupui.edu
Campus Liaison Sorenson Chad 2015 csorenso(at)iupui.edu
Research Chair Williams Kevin 2014 kaw4(at)indiana.edu
Research Chair Yang David 2015 dyyang(at)iupui.edu
Faculty Advisor Mullis Brian faculty bmullis(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

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