Ophthalmology SIG

The purpose of the Opthalmology Student Interest Group is to: 1) Provide an open forum and support to medical students with interest in ophthalmology. 2) Serve as a resource for ophthalmology applicants providing information on the SF Match process and time tables. 3) Make medical students aware of the clinical and research opportunities available on and off campus and the application process for such electives. 4) Develop the Student Sight Savers program at Indiana University.


Position Last name First name Class
President Wenzel Andrea 2014 aawenzel(at)iupui.edu
VP Pearson Anna 2014 annapear(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Sassoon Daniel MD/PhD dsassoon(at)iupui.edu
Sight Savers Coordinator Kanakamedala Priyanka 2014 pkanaka(at)iupui.edu
Sight Savers Coordinator McIntyre Nathaniel 2015 nemcinty(at)iupui.edu
Sight Savers Coordinator Myers Lori 2014 lomyers(at)iupui.edu
Sight Savers Coordinator Schaab Tara 2014 tschaab(at)iupui.edu
Secretary Myers Lori 2014 lomyers(at)iupui.edu
Webmaster Sassoon Daniel MD/PhD dsassoon(at)iupui.edu
Faculty Advisor Yung Rudy (Chi Wah) faculty ryung(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

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