Family Medicine SIG

The Family Medicine Interest Group is a student-led group devoted to exploring the specialty of family medicine and furthering family medicine education at IU School of Medicine. Through interactions with community physicians, residency programs, and organizations involved with family medicine, the FMIG provides opportunities to learn, make friends, and have fun while exploring a specialty that impacts a vast number of patients.


Position Last name First name Class
President Geros Kristin 2015 kgeros(at)
VP Solis Maria 2015 mamasoli(at)
Secretary Behrens Jennifer 2015 jelebehr(at)
Treasurer Stawikowska Madga 2017 mstawiko(at)
Event Coordinator White Jason 2015 jawwhite(at)
IAFP Rep Walters Stacey 2015 waltesta(at)
IAFP Alternate Faller Meredith 2016 fallerm(at)
Center Campus Liaison Nau Mark 2016 marknau(at)
Faculty Advisor Renshaw Scott faculty serensha(at)

Officers last updated: August 12, 2014

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