Emergency Medicine SIG

The Emergency Medicine Club is funded by the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Medical Student Council . The group sponsors luncheon meetings with speakers from various EMS/trauma medicine backgrounds. As part of its mentoring program first- and second-year students are matched with house staff and third- and fourth-year students in emergency departments around the city. Suturing workshops have been available in the past to sharpen pig-foot ligation skills.The interest group keeps records of all IU students who matched in emergency medicine residencies, which is an invaluable resource for those who will soon begin the application and interview process. Most meetings occur during the lunch period.

Website: IU EMSIG



Position Last name First name Class
President Stubblefield Bo 2014 wstubble(at)iupui.edu
VP Patel Sagar 2014 patelsd(at)iupui.edu
Secretary Gersdorff Nikki 2015 ngersdor(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Amick Chris 2014 cramick(at)iupui.edu
Center Campus Liaison Schroeder Lindsay 2014 linschro(at)iupui.edu
Faculty Advisor Beckman Andrew faculty anbeckma(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013


Last Updated: June 1, 2013


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