Peer Advisor Program Coordinators

Officers 2013-2014

MS-II Coordinator

Neil Keshvani

MS-II Coordinator

Lauren Kneller

MS-II Coordinator

Parth Patel

Officers 2012-2013

MS-II Coordinator

Samantha Armstrong

MS-II Coordinator

Omotore Eruvwetere

MS-II Coordinator

Sarah Kleiman

Officers 2011-2012

MS-II Coordinator

Thomas Murphy

MS-II Coordinator

Ganiyat Oladapo

Officers 2010-2011

MS-II Coordinator

Rachel Edwards

MS-II Coordinator

Nicole O'Neill

Peer Advisor Program: Eligibility & Selection

Two students will be selected by the MSC to become Peer Advisor Program Chairs.

Candidates eligible to become Peer Advisor Program Chairs are students currently in their first year of medical school. The term for the LCSR member begins in late spring of the current year and runs until the end of the second Medical School year.

Two candidates are chosen by the interview steering committee during Interview Day and presented by way of written recommendations to the MSC President and Vice-President. The President and Vice-President take the recommendations of the Interview Steering Committee into close consideration but assess all of the candidates for the position.

Two candidates will be recommended by the President and Vice-President to the MSC. A third candidate will be recommended as an alternate in the rare event that a chosen candidate becomes delinquent at the position or can no longer fulfill its responsibilities for any reason.

Peer Advisor Program: Entity Description

The Peer Advisor program is designed to serve incoming first-year students who wish to participate. The first year of medical school can be a time of difficult transitions and adjustments, and this program helps integrate students into the social and educational environment with minimum stress. This is accomplished by second- and third-year students who serve as advisors. Peer advisors act as "big brothers and sisters" to first-year students, contacting them at least four times a semester to answer questions and providing helpful hints, support, and encouragement.

Peer advisors help students in getting to know members of different classes. They are a resource for information, materials, and assistance for first-years who may have difficulties--either personal or with effective studying. It is expected that the advisors will provide a positive influence and role model for incoming first-year students.

Peer Advisor Program: Responsibilities

The Peer Advisor Program Chairs shall:

  1. coordinate orientation activities, including the Activities Fair.
  2. implement Peer Advisor related activities throughout the year,
  3. organize fund-raising events
  4. maintain a roster of program members.
  5. attend all monthly MSC meetings.

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