Admissions Ambassadors Coordinators

Officers 2013-2014

MS-III Coordinator

Patrick Egan

MS-III Coordinator

Dan Fer

MS-III Coordinator

Heather Wolfe

Officers 2012-2013

MS-III Coordinator

Christopher Bodle

MS-III Coordinator

Joel Franco

MS-III Coordinator

Jenna Fritsch

Officers 2011-2012

MS-III Coordinator

Christian Beuschel

MS-III Coordinator

Lucas Buchler

MS-III Coordinator

Jessica Lee

Admissions Ambassadors Coordinators: Eligibility and Selection

The number of students that will be selected by the MSC to become the Admissions Ambassador Co-Coordinators varies between two to three students per year. Each term lasts fourteen months, though terms may be extended should students wish to continue on the committee, with MSC approval.

Students who are currently in their second year of medical school and are in good academic standing may apply to become members of the Admissions Ambassadors. The term runs from spring of the student's second year until the following summer.

The most qualified candidates are chosen by the interview steering committee during Interview Day are presented as written recommendations to the MSC President and Vice-President. The President and Vice-President assess the candidacy of all applicants for the position and take the recommendations of the Interview Steering Committee into close consideration.

The top two or three candidates will be recommended by the President and Vice-President for the approval by the MSC. An additional candidate will be recommended as an alternate in the rare event that a chosen candidate becomes delinquent at the position or can no longer fulfill the responsibilities for any reason.

Admissions Ambassadors Coordinators: Entity Description

Admissions Ambassadors is a student-led organization that works to make students participating in medical school admissions interviews at Indiana University School of Medicine more comfortable during their day on campus. The goal of Admissions Ambassadors volunteers is to make the interview process for prospective medical students as fun, informative, and rewarding as possible.

Student volunteers make the day of the applicant easier by:

  1. Having lunch with the candidate during a student panel question & answer session.
  2. Giving campus tours.
  3. Spending time in the hospitality room where candidate students relax between scheduled interview day activities.

The purpose of interacting with medical student volunteers is to provide prospective medical students with an opportunity to seek the answers to questions about life as a medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine, devoid of pressure from interviewers, faculty, or staff.

Admissions Ambassadors Coordinators: Responsibilities

The Admissions Ambassadors Co-coordinators will work with the Executive Vice-President of the 2nd year class and the Admissions Office to ensure the following activities take place on every medical school applicant interview day:

  1. Student-led tours of the medical center.
  2. Student panel discussion.
  3. Students (MSII, MS III, MSIV) give short presentations to prospective students from 12:15 - 12:45 p.m. during the interview day. They will also be available to answer questions from the prospective students.

Before accepting the position, the candidate agrees to attend each monthly Medical Student Council Meeting and submit periodic updates on the progress of the entity's activities.

The candidate also agrees to attend the annual MSC Leadership Day in August as well as serve as a member of the the interview committee on the subsequent Interview Day during the following year.  Both of these events will take place on a Saturday.

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