Student Promotions Committee

Officers 2013-2014


Zahab Ahsan


Laura Bryant

Officers 2012-2013


Jessica Lee


Dominic Vernon

Officers 2011-2012


Emily Hrisomalos


Ryan Mills

Officers 2010-2011


Frank Hrisomalos


Nick Klemen

Student Promotions Committee - Eligibility and Member Selection

  • Third-year students who would like to be considered for the Committee must first apply through Interview Day.  Subsequently, the students will be submitted to the Office for Mentoring and Student Development and the Dean's Office.
  • Students recommended for the committee must be in the upper half of their class, academically, as determined by the Medical Student Affairs office.
  • Students who interview for and are recommended for the committee must be a member of the current third-year (junior) medical school class.
  • Students are interviewed by current members of the Student Promotions Committee.  Recommendations are made by these members to the Medical Student Council, which makes recommendations to the Dean of the School of Medicine.  The Dean makes the final decision regarding appointment of students to the Student Promotions Committee.

Student Promotions Committee - Entity Description

(from the official Student Handbook of the School of Medicine)

  • The Student Promotions Committee is appointed by the Dean to monitor student academic and professional standards as determined by the faculty. The Committee reviews student academic performance after each grading period and after each USMLE.
  • The Committee review will determine a student's status as outlined in Sections I through VII.
  • The Dean may also request the Student Promotions Committee to review any issue pertaining to a student's evaluation and/or performance. 
  • Students in good standing who have satisfactory grades and evaluation reports automatically advance to the next unit of instruction.
  • The Student Promotions Committee recommends action to address the problem for each student not in good standing.
  • The Student Promotions Committee will recommend either dismissal or an action (or actions) from Section III.  A decision to recommend academic dismissal will prevent the student from continuing to attend classes unless the Student Promotions Committee determines otherwise.

Student Promotions Committee - Member Responsibilities

  • Student members are considered full, voting members of the SPC, and shall participate in all required Student Promotions Committee meetings.
  • Due to the nature of the Student Promotions Committee, meetings are held in private.  Discussion of the content of SPC meetings outside the meeting is prohibited; student members are expected to respect the privacy of the committee and the students it evaluates.
  • As members of the committee, students are expected to provide a positive example for their classmates by striving to compete at the highest level, academically, and to maintain their own good standing within the School of Medicine.
  • A student may be dismissed from the Student Promotions Committee if their standing within the School of Medicine is brought into question due to academic performance or other reasons.
  • Student members shall evaluate each case brought before the committee to the best of their ability in order to provide an unbiased, fair decision relating to a student's standing within the School of Medicine.
  • Student members shall evaluate student performance along with the rest of the committee on a case-by-case basis.  Student members are expected to excuse themselves from any vote in which their impartiality is not guaranteed.
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