Curriculum Council - Clinical Component Eligibility

Two students will be selected by the dean to sit on the Curriculum Council Clinical Component.

Candidates eligible to become members of the CCCC are those students currently in their third year and who are in good academic standing. The chosen candidates will sit on the committee starting in late spring of their third year until late in the following spring as fourth years.

Three candidates are chosen by the interview steering committee during Interview Day and presented by way of written recommendations to the MSC President and Vice-President. The President and Vice-President take the recommendations of the Interview Steering Committee into close consideration but assess all of the candidates for the position.

Two candidates will be recommended by the President and Vice-President to the dean. A third candidate will be recommended as an alternate in the rare event that one of the two chosen candidates become delinquent at his/her position or can no longer fulfill his/her responsibilities for any reason.

Curriculum Council - Clinical Component Entity Description

  • Oversee the undergraduate medical education program, including the basic and clinical sciences, the combined degree programs, and the graduate programs leading to the Masters and Ph.D. degrees in the medical sciences.
  • Oversee the third and fourth year clinical education programs.

Curriculum Council - Clinical Component Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of a student member of the CCCC is to serve as a liaison between the Medical Student Council and the CCCC. Therefore, attendance of every representative at each monthly MSC meeting and CCCC meeting is a necessity in order to properly fulfill the position.

The CCCC representatives are responsible for reporting to the MSC regarding the progress of the committee. In the event that the committee does not meet as scheduled (once per month), the representatives are still responsibile for contacting and meeting with the committee chair to obtain an update before the next MSC meeting.The student representatives would be expected to make recommendations to the committee and express the students' perspective about the 3rd and 4th year curriculums.

The CCCC representative has full voting priveleges as a member of the committee and is regarded by the faculty and administration as an equal contributor to the proper functioning of the committee. Therefore, the highly recommended candidates will also be the most proactive students.

Before accepting their position, the CCCC candidates agree to attend the annual MSC Leadership Day in August as well as serve as a member of the the interview committee on the subsequent Interview Day during the following year. Both of these events will take place on a Saturday.

Curriculum Council Clinical Component

Student Representatives

Officers 2013-2014


Travis Frantz


Jenny Shao

Officers 2012-2013


Joshua Morris


Jonathan Weyerbacher

Officers 2010-2011


Stephanie Nothelle


James Taggart

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