Integrative Medicine SIG

Integrative Medicine combines contemporary western medicine with complementary and alternative medicine with the intent to treat patients more completely and effectively.  The beauty of Integrative Medicine is the ability of interested physicians in any field of medicine to incorporate some aspect of it into his or her practice.  The goal of the Integrative Medicine SIG (IgSIG) is for students to explore different elements of Integrative Medicine that may appeal to them in order to better implement those elements into their future practice in any field of medicine. Meetings will include guest speakers as well as hands-on demonstrations and will largely be created based on students’ interests and suggestions.


Position Last name First name Class
President Karozos Stephanie 2015 skarozos(at)iupui.edu
VP Drayton Phillip 2015 pdrayton(at)iupui.edu
VP Lauture Dana 2016 dlauture(at)iupui.edu
Secretary O'Connor Kate 2015 oconnor7(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer May Carissa 2015 cjmay(at)iupui.edu
Volunteer Coordinator Bolduan Alyssa 2015 abolduan(at)iupui.edu
Community Outreach Chair Williams Alex 2015 aw61(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

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