Society of Latinos & Medical Spanish

The Society of Latinos branch of MS-SOL was established during the 2002-2003 academic?year for the purpose of unifying and providing support for both Latino medical students and all?other students interested in participating in the Latino community. Additionally, SOL seeks to?inform the student body and encourage participation in educational opportunities that further?clinical training, Spanish-speaking skills and understanding healthcare disparities in the Latino community.

The Medical Spanish branch of MS-SOL is interested in improving IU medical students' Spanish-speaking skills and their relationships with and interests in the Spanish-speaking community. These interests are accomplished by activities the group schedules throughout the year:

  • Spanish conversation lunches are planned throughout the school year to provide opportunities to practice Spanish-speaking skills with fellow medical students. Participants are usually given vocabulary and/or phrases to act as a guide for facilitating Spanish discussion. Lunches are generally targeted to those with a previous background in Spanish, but no Spanish-speaking skills are required to attend.
  • Guest speaker lunches are also planned throughout the school year to hear native Spanish-speakers as well as those involved in working with the Spanish-speaking community speak on a variety of topics.
  • The beginner/intermediate medical Spanish course is generally offered in June and July for a minimal fee to medical students. Typically, the course runs from mid-June to late July/early August. In recent summers, classes have been held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for two hours. The courses cover the basics of Spanish with an emphasis on medical Spanish, as well as the culturally appropriate approach to the Spanish-speaking patient.

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Position Last name First name Class
Co-President Iheanacho Kennedy 2016 kiheanac(at)
Co-President Ladowski Joseph 2016 jmladows(at)
Co-President Welsh Michelle 2015 mtwelsh(at)
Secretary McVoy Aklecia 2016 amcvoy(at)
Treasurer May Carissa 2015 cjmay(at)
OMSL Representativce Ladowski Joseph 2016 jmladows(at)
OMSL Representativce May Carissa 2015 cjmay(at)

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

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