Medical Missions SIG


Who we are

We are a group of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and medical students from the Indiana University School of Medicine / Clarian Network who share a common belief that access to healthcare and healthcare education should not be contingent on where an individual was born.

Our mission

To provide health care to those without access both in the US and abroad, to

establish a lasting presence in those communities and through acts of service, educate future budding leaders of international medicine.

Our plan

To send medical staff, supplies, and students, under the direction and guidance of Dr David Matthews, chief of surgery at the VA of Indianapolis and Dr. Eric Wiebke, Director of Surgery at Indiana University, to disadvantaged communities around the world. Our goal is to serve and establish rapport with the hospitals and patients in those areas. Through workshops, training sessions, and fundraisers, we will prepare each medical team for its mission. As an organization we plan to serve as a hub for the medical staff and students, providing them with the necessary resources, both technical and monetary, to travel to underprivileged areas. Individually each of us will work either in the background to make the mission possible for other students or in the forefront on the medical team traveling to the mission site.



Position Last name First name Class
President Chen Alice 2015 ajchen(at)
Co-VP Curtis Sean 2014 curtiss(at)
Co-VP Duong Jane 2014 jduong(at)
Secretary Kole Ayeeshik MD/PhD akole(at)
Treasurer Do Thai 2016 thdo(at)
Chairman of Public Relations Krall Jennifer 2014 jwing(at)
Chairman of Development Race Nick MD/PhD nsrace(at)
Co-Chairman of Supplies Kammeyer Ryan 2015 rmkammey(at)
Co-Chairman of Supplies Troiano Chelsea 2014 catroian(at)
OMSL Co-Chairman Patel Nedhi 2015 patel1(at)
OMSL Co-Chairman Wenzel Andrea 2014 aawenzel(at)

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

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