Global Health

Global Health Student Interest Group (GHSIG)

The principal purpose of the Gobal Health Student Interest Group is to encourage study abroad in medicine and increase awareness of global health care needs. The group also provides resources for opportunities for international study and service.

Position Last name First name Class
President Sorber Becky 2015 rsorber(at)
VP Kuruppu Dulanji 2014 dkuruppu(at)
Treasurer Rutigliano Frank 2016 frutigli(at)
Secretary Hissong Erika 2014 ehissong(at)
Webmaster Secor Laura 2015 lbsecor(at)
Hunger Banquet Co-Chairs Deans Sam 2015 sjdeans(at)
Hunger Banquet Co-Chairs Shao Jenny 2014 jmshao(at)
Fundraising Chair Behrens Jennifer 2015 jelebehr(at)
Recruitment Chair Krack Andy 2014 akrack(at)
Outreach Chair May Carissa 2015 cjmay(at)
Advocacy Chair Morrical Ethan 2014 ebmorric(at)
UAEM Chair Campodonico Joanna 2013 jcampodo(at)

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Website: GHSIG

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