Special Topic SIGs

Children and Adults with Disabilities (CAD) SIG

The Children and Adults with Disabilities Student Interest Group (CAD SIG) promotes the education and exposure of the student body to working with children and adults with all types of disabilities. Our goals are to help students develop an interest in working with individuals with disabilities and encourage participation in community service pertaining to such work. We will provide contact with community organizations involved in working with children and adults with disabilities and support students developing new ideas for projects with these organizations.




Position Last name First name Class
President Casselman Ceciley 2015 cemastar(at)iupui.edu
VP Seat Katherine 2015 kseat(at)iupui.edu
Secretary Romer Christina 2016 cnromer(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Seidel Kim 2016 kiseidel(at)iupui.edu
Event Coordinator Miller Matt 2013 mam12(at)iupui.edu
Faculty Advisor Ciccarelli Mary faculty mciccare(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013



DisABILITIES Fair and Self-Advocates Panel


Ethics at Lunch


Position Last name First name Class
Co-Chair Keshvani Neil 2016 neilkesh(at)iupui.edu
Co-Chair Ladowski Joseph 2016 jmladows(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Gay-Straight Medical Alliance


Gay-Straight Medical Alliance:  Student Interest Group

The object of LGBT SIG is to provide a safe and friendly academic environment for LGBT students, residents, and faculty in the medical community at Indiana University School of Medicine through the education of cultural competency in LGBT health, encouraging better quality and access to care for LGBT people, and promoting the exchange of ideas in a safe and supportive forum

Position Last name First name Class
Co-President Snider Jakoda 2014 sniderj(at)iupui.edu
Co-President Venis Juan Carlos 2013 jvenis(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Hodgdon Kathryn 2015 khodgdon(at)iupui.edu
Community Outreach Chair Campodonico Joanna 2013 jcampodo(at)iupui.edu
Community Outreach Chair Eruvwetere Omotore 2015 oferuvwe(at)iupui.edu
Social Chair Chinyadza Mandinanisa 2015 mchinyad(at)iupui.edu
Faculty Advisor Howley Liam faculty lhowley(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Global Health

Global Health Student Interest Group (GHSIG)

The principal purpose of the Gobal Health Student Interest Group is to encourage study abroad in medicine and increase awareness of global health care needs. The group also provides resources for opportunities for international study and service.

Position Last name First name Class
President Sorber Becky 2015 rsorber(at)iupui.edu
VP Kuruppu Dulanji 2014 dkuruppu(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Rutigliano Frank 2016 frutigli(at)iupui.edu
Secretary Hissong Erika 2014 ehissong(at)iupui.edu
Webmaster Secor Laura 2015 lbsecor(at)iupui.edu
Hunger Banquet Co-Chairs Deans Sam 2015 sjdeans(at)iupui.edu
Hunger Banquet Co-Chairs Shao Jenny 2014 jmshao(at)iupui.edu
Fundraising Chair Behrens Jennifer 2015 jelebehr(at)iupui.edu
Recruitment Chair Krack Andy 2014 akrack(at)iupui.edu
Outreach Chair May Carissa 2015 cjmay(at)iupui.edu
Advocacy Chair Morrical Ethan 2014 ebmorric(at)iupui.edu
UAEM Chair Campodonico Joanna 2013 jcampodo(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Website: GHSIG

History of Medicine SIG


The History of Medicine Student Interest Group acts as a magnifying glass examining very closely the outstanding actors, inventions, and misadventures of this uncommon field. The group stands to support the preordained and traditional medical curriculum by providing context and placement of our current understanding in the scheme of past history. In this way, the goal of the group is to cement a sense of self-reflection, lifelong learning, professionalism, and scientific knowledge in students during that impressionable time.

Position Last name First name Class
Co President Okpokho Itoro 2016 iokpokho(at)iupui.edu
VP Olabisi Jendayi 2016 jolabisi(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Lauture Dana 2016 dlauture(at)iupui.edu
Co-Treasurer Nyaribo Linet 2017 lnyaribo(at)iupui.edu
Corresponding Secretary Lawrence Jamal 2016 jamalawr(at)iupui.edu
Co-Corresponding Secretary Ogbeifun Osato 2017 oogbeifu(at)iupui.edu
Faculty Advisor Shuman Lois coordinator lshuman(at)iupui.edu
Recording Secretary Hyppolite Christopher 2017 chyppoli(at)iupui.edu
Co-Recording Secretary Grant Kionna 2017 kedgrant(at)iupui.edu
Faculty Advisor Treadwell Patricia Faculty ptreadwe(at)IUHealth.org

Officers last updated: December 31, 1969

Last Updated: June 15th, 2012

Integrative Medicine SIG

Integrative Medicine combines contemporary western medicine with complementary and alternative medicine with the intent to treat patients more completely and effectively.  The beauty of Integrative Medicine is the ability of interested physicians in any field of medicine to incorporate some aspect of it into his or her practice.  The goal of the Integrative Medicine SIG (IgSIG) is for students to explore different elements of Integrative Medicine that may appeal to them in order to better implement those elements into their future practice in any field of medicine. Meetings will include guest speakers as well as hands-on demonstrations and will largely be created based on students’ interests and suggestions.


Position Last name First name Class
President Karozos Stephanie 2015 skarozos(at)iupui.edu
VP Drayton Phillip 2015 pdrayton(at)iupui.edu
VP Lauture Dana 2016 dlauture(at)iupui.edu
Secretary O'Connor Kate 2015 oconnor7(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer May Carissa 2015 cjmay(at)iupui.edu
Volunteer Coordinator Bolduan Alyssa 2015 abolduan(at)iupui.edu
Community Outreach Chair Williams Alex 2015 aw61(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Literature and Medicine

Position Last name First name Class
Chair Ladowski Joseph 2016 jmladows(at)iupui.edu
Vice Chair Behrens Jennifer 2015 jelebehr(at)iupui.edu
Secretary Tarnawsky Stefan MD/PhD tarn(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Secor Laura 2015 lbsecor(at)iupui.edu
Faculty Advisor Gunderman Richard faculty rbgunder(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Medical Missions SIG


Who we are

We are a group of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and medical students from the Indiana University School of Medicine / Clarian Network who share a common belief that access to healthcare and healthcare education should not be contingent on where an individual was born.

Our mission

To provide health care to those without access both in the US and abroad, to

establish a lasting presence in those communities and through acts of service, educate future budding leaders of international medicine.

Our plan

To send medical staff, supplies, and students, under the direction and guidance of Dr David Matthews, chief of surgery at the VA of Indianapolis and Dr. Eric Wiebke, Director of Surgery at Indiana University, to disadvantaged communities around the world. Our goal is to serve and establish rapport with the hospitals and patients in those areas. Through workshops, training sessions, and fundraisers, we will prepare each medical team for its mission. As an organization we plan to serve as a hub for the medical staff and students, providing them with the necessary resources, both technical and monetary, to travel to underprivileged areas. Individually each of us will work either in the background to make the mission possible for other students or in the forefront on the medical team traveling to the mission site.



Position Last name First name Class
President Chen Alice 2015 ajchen(at)indiana.edu
Co-VP Curtis Sean 2014 curtiss(at)iupui.edu
Co-VP Duong Jane 2014 jduong(at)iupui.edu
Secretary Kole Ayeeshik MD/PhD akole(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Do Thai 2016 thdo(at)iupui.edu
Chairman of Public Relations Krall Jennifer 2014 jwing(at)iupui.edu
Chairman of Development Race Nick MD/PhD nsrace(at)iupui.edu
Co-Chairman of Supplies Kammeyer Ryan 2015 rmkammey(at)indiana.edu
Co-Chairman of Supplies Troiano Chelsea 2014 catroian(at)iupui.edu
OMSL Co-Chairman Patel Nedhi 2015 patel1(at)iupui.edu
OMSL Co-Chairman Wenzel Andrea 2014 aawenzel(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Physicians for Human Rights

The purpose of Physicians for Human Rights is to mobilize health professionals to advance health, dignity, and justice and promote the right to health for all. Harnessing the specialized skills, rigor, and passion of doctors, nurses, public health specialists, and scientists, PHR investigates human rights abuses and works to stop them.

The purpose of this student chapter is to support the campaigns of Physicians for Human Rights and to advance the understanding and commitment to health and human rights activism locally, nationally and globally.


Position Last name First name Class
Chair Maurer Michael 2015 mjmaurer(at)iupui.edu
Co-Chair Barton Scott 2015 scbarton(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013


PHR Constitution (docx file)

Public Health SIG


Position Last name First name Class
President Avula Umakanth 2016 uavula(at)iupui.edu
Co-VP Lauture Dana 2016 dlauture(at)iupui.edu
Co-VP McVoy Aklecia 2016 amcvoy(at)iupui.edu
Women's Health Liaison Gaddy Anna 2015 agaddy(at)iupui.edu
International Health Liaison Neufeld Miriam 2015 mneufeld(at)iupui.edu
International Health Liaison Patel Manisha 2014 manpatel(at)iupui.edu
Secretary Cooley Benjamin 2015 bscooley(at)iupui.edu
Treasurer Blum Evan 2014 esblum(at)iupui.edu
Environmental Health Liaison Hodgdon Kathryn 2015 khodgdon(at)iupui.edu
Education/Research Liaison Bergman Krista 2014 klbergma(at)indiana.edu
Education/Research Liaison Schreiber Torsten 2016 tmschrei(at)iupui.edu

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

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