Medical Specialty SIGs

Anesthesiology SIG

Patrick Egan, MS3; Co-Chair

Jake Ezell, MS3; Co-Chair

Erin Dammann, MS3; Treasurer

Dermatology SIG

The Dermatology SIG has been created in order to facilitate communication between medical students and Dermatology Professionals. There is an emphasis on preparing students for their residency interviews and guiding them on how to best utilize their time during years 1-4. The community is a central focus in this SIG, and our group devotes much of its time volunteering to raise awareness about the importance of sun protection and skin cancer screening.



Position Last name First name Class
President Sullivan Annette (Nikki) 2015 annnsull(at)
President Ward Rachel 2015 wardr(at)
VP Arshanapalli Ashish 2015 arshanaa(at)
Secretary Heinen Sarah 2017 sjheinen(at)
Treasurer Armstrong Samantha 2015 saaarmst(at)
MAP Peacock Elizabeth 2015 peacocke(at)
Faculty Advisor Wolverton Stephen faculty swolvert(at)

Officers last updated: April 7, 2014

Ear, Nose, and Throat Student Interest Group

The object of the ENT SIG is to support and advise students interested in otolaryngology as a vocation with an emphasis on preparing students for their career interest in ear, nose, and throat medicine and surgery.

Emergency Medicine SIG

The Emergency Medicine Club is funded by the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Medical Student Council . The group sponsors luncheon meetings with speakers from various EMS/trauma medicine backgrounds. As part of its mentoring program first- and second-year students are matched with house staff and third- and fourth-year students in emergency departments around the city. Suturing workshops have been available in the past to sharpen pig-foot ligation skills.The interest group keeps records of all IU students who matched in emergency medicine residencies, which is an invaluable resource for those who will soon begin the application and interview process. Most meetings occur during the lunch period.

Website: IU EMSIG



Position Last name First name Class
President Thomas Krystin 2015 krysthom(at)
VP Ball Seth 2015 snball(at)
Secretary Gersdorff Nikki 2015 ngersdor(at)
Treasurer Nowak Kevin 2015 nowakk(at)
Center Campus Liaison Muehr Patrick 2015 pmuehr(at)

Officers last updated: October 6, 2014


Last Updated: June 1, 2013


Family Medicine SIG

The Family Medicine Interest Group is a student-led group devoted to exploring the specialty of family medicine and furthering family medicine education at IU School of Medicine. Through interactions with community physicians, residency programs, and organizations involved with family medicine, the FMIG provides opportunities to learn, make friends, and have fun while exploring a specialty that impacts a vast number of patients.


Position Last name First name Class
President Geros Kristin 2015 kgeros(at)
VP Solis Maria 2015 mamasoli(at)
Secretary Behrens Jennifer 2015 jelebehr(at)
Treasurer Stawikowska Madga 2017 mstawiko(at)
Event Coordinator White Jason 2015 jawwhite(at)
IAFP Rep Walters Stacey 2015 waltesta(at)
IAFP Alternate Faller Meredith 2016 fallerm(at)
Center Campus Liaison Nau Mark 2016 marknau(at)
Faculty Advisor Renshaw Scott faculty serensha(at)

Officers last updated: August 12, 2014

Geriatric SIG

The mission of the GSIG shall be the following:

1. To educate Indiana School of Medicine students about the specialty of Geriatrics as a career choice.
2. To increase Indiana School of Medicine students’ awareness of the importance of the field of Geriatrics.
3. To provide resources and education to all Indiana School of Medicine students on Geriatric health topics.
4. To offer opportunities for medical students to become involved in community service, research, or other scholarly activities of the Geriatrics Department at Indiana University School of Medicine.
Position Last name First name Class
President Ray Erin 2015 erinray(at)
VP Magnabosco Lara 2016 lemagnab(at)
Secretary Cantor Braca 2014 benizryb(at)
Treasurer Pearson Anna 2014 annapear(at)
Senior Buddy Liaison Sassoon Daniel MD/PhD dsassoon(at)

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Internal Medicine SIG

Click here to visit the Internal Medicine SIG website

The IU Department of Medicine sponsors this group to help students better understand life as an Internist. Our goals are to support and advise students interested in primary care and medicine sub-specialties, expose students to the diversity and richness of career opportunities, and to foster increased awareness of Internal Medicine on the IUPUI campus. We also serve the philanthropic interests of the school as the primary group charged with conducting the Westside health fair. Finally we foster burgeoning student leaders in the area of Internal Medicine by sending student representatives to national meetings where they are encouraged to learn, network and lead on a national level.

Position Last name First name Class
Chair Devnani Tanya 2014 tdevnani(at)
Vice Chair Goodwin Charles MD/PhD goodwicb(at)
Secretary Raycroft Joseph 2015 jraycrof(at)
Treasurer Flynn Kevin 2015 kpflynn(at)
MSII Liaison Richardville Joseph 2016 jomrich(at)
Regional SIG Liaison Singh Naina 2014 singhna(at)
Westside Health Fair Liaison Behzadi Jenny 2013 jbehzadi(at)
Westside Health Fair Liaison Mamandur Sheila 2013 mamandus(at)
Westside Health Fair Liaison Routt Stefan 2014 sroutt(at)

Officers last updated: December 20, 2013

Med-Peds SIG

The IU School of Medicine's Med-Peds Student Interest Group is primarily geared toward the support of students interested in pursuing a combined residency in both internal medicine and pediatrics.  This is done through close interaction with the Med-Peds Residents at IU.  The Med-Peds SIG hosts Q&A sessions with residents, Global Health track interest dinners, an informational lunch for 1st and 2nd year students, and information about med-peds specific topics, including transitional clinics.

Position Last name First name Class
Co-Chair Duong Jane 2014 jduong(at)
Co-Chair Thomas Ashley 2013 thomasas(at)
Faculty Advisor Djuricich Alex faculty adjurici(at)

Officers last updated: December 27, 2013

Military Medicine SIG

The goals of the Military Medicine SIG are to develop lines of communication within the military medical student community across the US, serve as an information source for military medical students, and others with an interest in military medicine, and develop pride, teamwork, and esprit de corps among military medical students.


Position Last name First name Class
Vice President Mayo John 2016 jsmayo(at)
Treasurer Fer Dan 2015 dfer(at)
Secretary Peitz Geoff 2016 gpeitz(at)

Officers last updated: October 7, 2014

Facebook group: "IUSM Military Medicine Student Interest Group"

Neurology SIG (SIGN)

The Student Interest Ground in Neurology (SIGN) exists to promote neurology education to the student body, help students develop an interest in neurology, help students match into a residency program in neurology, and to promote participation in community service pertaining to neurology. SIGN is funded by the American Academy of Neurology and the Medical Student Council. SIGN holds monthly to bimonthly lunchtime lectures pertaining to potential career choices in neurology, pre- and post-match panels with residents, recent areas of research in neurology at IU, and clinical neurology cases. SIGN also has developed a list of scholarships and opportunities for summer research in neurology.

Position Last name First name Class
President Ramanan Vijay MD/PhD vramanan(at)
VP Bird Katelyn 2015 kcbird(at)
IUSOC Chair Parekh Priyanka 2016 pparekh(at)
Public Relations Chair Delaney Kate 2015 keheaton(at)
Secretary Nafziger Liz 2015 enafzige(at)
Treasurer Nelson Julie 2016 juanelso(at)
Webmaster Sono Reiri 2015 rsono(at)

Officers last updated: April 17, 2014

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