Non-Voting Eligibility and Selection

Website Development Team: Eligibility and Selection

Selection Process
All current students of IUSM at all years are eligible to apply. Application is available from the Interview Day module, the day of which will be announced around 2 months in advance each year. One or two students are selected each year through an interview by current WDT members.
Appointment Period
Minimal appointment is 1 year, but preferably 2 years. New members are instructed to perform routine tasks throughout the year. The main task of second- or higher-year members is to instruct and guide the new members, as well as carry out more technically advanced tasks.
Technical Requirements
The tasks of WDT as a whole will require various levels of technical proficiency, ranging from basic web navigating skills to familiarity with database programming. However, WDT is aware that it is not realistic to expect all members to be proficient in every task, and it is working towards diminishing its technical demands on future members as of 2010. The minimum proficiency that is asked of any member is basic web navigation. It is encouraged, although not required, to be familiar in the following areas: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.

Wellness Liaisons - Eligibility and Student Selection

Several students from all campuses will be selected by the MSC to be part of the Wellness Committee to serve as a Wellness Liaison to medical students, residents, faculty, and staff. Students of any class year may apply; however, the position is designed primarily for second year medical students. Eligible candidates must be in good academic standing.

The term for this position is approximately 12 months in duration and begins roughly at the end of the academic calendar in late May and runs to through the following May.

Several candidates are chosen by the interview steering committee during Interview Day and presented by way of written recommendations to the MSC President and Vice-President. The President and Vice-President take the recommendations of the Interview Steering Committee into close consideration but assess all of the candidates for the position.

Several candidates will be recommended by the President and Vice-President to the MSC. As needed, additional candidates will be recommended as an alternate(s) in the rare event that a chosen candidate becomes delinquent at the position or can no longer fulfill its responsibilities for any reason.