Non-Voting Committee Responsibilities

Website Development Team: Responsibilities

Liaison between medical students and IT Department of IUSM
As the first contact for medical students to discuss web-based issues, WDT actively seeks technical issues from the student body, proposes solutions, and keeps a professional relationship with Myrna Gray, the IT Coordinator at IUSM. This task requires a degree of technical awareness, an open mind for problem-solving, and willingness to work with a larger, administrative-level group of personnel.
Maintenance of the MSC Website (this site)
The main task is updating MSC members each year after the results of Interview Day come out. This requires no more technical skills than navigating Oncourse and answering course evaluations. Secondly, WDT is the primary response team for technical difficulties encountered by MSC executives on this website. This requires very basic familiarity with the Drupal platform, which is well-documented online. Lastly, to a lesser extent, Senior Developers of WDT respond to the requests of council members to implement new programs on this website.
An MSC Website operation manual is provided to all WDT members. Basic experience with HTML will be helpful, but not required for developers. Familiarity with PHP is desired for a senior developer.
Maintenance of MSC-operated Websites
MSC operates several websites under the domain of for the purpose of announcement and on-line registrations of MSC events. Events with supportive websites include the following:

Before MSC Executive Council announces the opening of an event for registration, WDT is called to update the corresponding website and database of registrants. WDT is also responsible for answering any technical issue raised during registration. As of 2013, this task requires basic familiarity with PHP and MySQL to troubleshoot the websites. An operator's manual will be provided to all WDT members to help navigate the structures of the websites.

Wellness Liaisons - Responsibilities

Wellness Liaisons are responsible for promoting health, wellness, and self-care to medical students, residents, faculty, and staff.

Each year, Wellness Liaisons create projects, events, and activities that encourage balanced living in the Six Dimensions of Wellness. These dimensions are:

  1. Intellectual
  2. Professional
  3. Emotional
  4. Spiritual
  5. Physical
  6. Social

Creativity for projects and events is highly encouraged. New ideas and ways to involve more students, residents, and faculty at all campuses are always welcome!

Liaisons will attend regularly scheduled Wellness Committee meetings (approximately once a month) as well as attend all MSC meetings to keep the MSC informed of activities, events, and proceedings of the Wellness Committee. Liaisons also agree to attend the annual MSC Leadership Day in August and serve as a member of the Interview Committee on the subsequent Interview Day during the following year. Both of these events will take place on a Saturday.