Non-Voting Entity Descriptions

Website Development Team: Entity Description

The Website Development Team consists of IUSM students, and we maintain the Medical Student Council's website (this site) and websites operated by MSC under the account, as well as answer the web-based needs of council members and student group leaders. A common misconception is that we are also in charge of Oncourse. While we do not have technical control over non-MSC websites, we serve to communicate technical issues encountered by students to the school's IT Department through our IT Coordinator, Myrna Gray.

Wellness Liaisons - Entity Description

The Wellness Committee is composed of several Wellness Liaisons that work to promote health and wellness to medical students, residents, faculty, and staff at all IUSM campuses. Liaisons meet monthly (roughly) and plan activities and events that encourage students, residents, faculty, and staff to seek opportunities outside of the classroom and hospital, to make healthy choices, to be increasingly cognizant of their own personal wellness and self-care, and to promote balanced living.

In the past and currently, the Wellness Committee has worked with other groups on campus such as Psych SIG, Student 2 Student mentoring program, Integrative Medicine SIG, Faculty Wellness at IUSM, and outside groups such as Center for Mind-Body Medicine.