Non-Voting Entity Descriptions

Peer Advisor Program: Entity Description

The Peer Advisor program is designed to serve incoming first-year students who wish to participate. The first year of medical school can be a time of difficult transitions and adjustments, and this program helps integrate students into the social and educational environment with minimum stress. This is accomplished by second- and third-year students who serve as advisors. Peer advisors act as "big brothers and sisters" to first-year students, contacting them at least four times a semester to answer questions and providing helpful hints, support, and encouragement.

Peer advisors help students in getting to know members of different classes. They are a resource for information, materials, and assistance for first-years who may have difficulties--either personal or with effective studying. It is expected that the advisors will provide a positive influence and role model for incoming first-year students.

SCTF - Entity Description

The SCTF is comprised of IUSM Indianapolis students, faculty and staff.  This committee meets quarterly to discuss technology issues.  One of its primary purposes is to consider projects and make decisions regarding spending of the student technology fees paid by IUSM students at the Indianapolis campus.

Spring Formal Committee: Entity Description

The Spring Formal, currently entitled "Saint Vitus Dance", is a one time per year event that takes place in the spring of each year. All medical students and their spouses or a single guest are invited.

The event is a classy, suit-and-tie affair offering an opportunity to spend time with students within/across classes.

Student Alumni Ambassadors: Entity Description

The mission of the IU Medical Alumni Association is to stimulate the interest of all graduates by furthering their educational, social, and charitable interests of the school, its alumni, and its students.

The Student Alumni Ambassadors work mostly with the Director of Medical Alumni Programs and the Medical Alumni Council in fulfillment of their responsibilities.

Student Curriculum Liaison Committee: Entity Description

The Liaison Committee consists of three students, two faculty members, and two administrators.

Student Promotions Committee - Entity Description

(from the official Student Handbook of the School of Medicine)

  • The Student Promotions Committee is appointed by the Dean to monitor student academic and professional standards as determined by the faculty. The Committee reviews student academic performance after each grading period and after each USMLE.
  • The Committee review will determine a student's status as outlined in Sections I through VII.
  • The Dean may also request the Student Promotions Committee to review any issue pertaining to a student's evaluation and/or performance. 
  • Students in good standing who have satisfactory grades and evaluation reports automatically advance to the next unit of instruction.
  • The Student Promotions Committee recommends action to address the problem for each student not in good standing.
  • The Student Promotions Committee will recommend either dismissal or an action (or actions) from Section III.  A decision to recommend academic dismissal will prevent the student from continuing to attend classes unless the Student Promotions Committee determines otherwise.

Student Research Committee: Entity Description

The purpose of the Student Research Committee is to oversee the undergraduate medical research program, including the basic and clinical sciences, and the combined degree programs. The student Research Committee explores ways to garner interest in research opportunities for medical students in the summer between their first and scond years and beyond.

Teacher-Learner Advocacy Committee: Entity Description

TLAC's mission is to foster and ensure a professional learning environment by assisting in conflict resolution and sponsoring programs to enhance communication and professionalism in all learning environments.

For more information about the Teacher-Learner Advocacy Committee, please visit the official TLAC website by clicking HERE.

Used Book Sale Coordinator: Entity Description

The IU School of Medicine Used Book Sale is coordinated by the Medical Student Council's Used Book Sale Coordinator to make educational materials available to students at a lower price. The sale occurs one time per year near the beginning of the fall semester.

Volunteer Services Coordinators: Entity Description

Volunteer services are coordinated by the Office of Medical Service-Learning (OMSL), Directed by Stephen Kirchhoff (skirchho @ The Medical Student Council works in conjuction with OMSL through the Volunteer Service coordinators to educate the student body about the availability of community and volunteer projects organized by officially-recognized OMSL groups.  The Office of Medical Service Learning and Volunteer Services Coordinators also assist newly-founded volunteer service organizations with application to IUPUI for recognition and funding, and presents the new organization to the Medical Student Council for MSC recognition.