Eligibility and Election of Members

Candidates to become MSC Officers can be any medical student in good standing. However, the time demands of the position typically require an extensive knowledge of the infrastructure of both student governement and the IU Medical School. Therefore, the most qualified candidates for the positions of President and Vice-President are usually from the junior or senior year classes. The Treasurer and Secretary are typically from the second year class and above. The candidates submit a platform for consideration which is reviewed two weeks prior to the day of election by the voting members of the Medical Student Council. Any student can attend the election meeting and voice his or her opinion on the candidates.

On the day of the election, the MSC Executive President will open up each position for election sequentially from the President to the Secretary. All candidates for each office will have 5 minutes to speak on their qualifications with 2 minutes for questions while the remaining competing candidates remain outside the room. Afterwards, the voting members make their decision.

Should a Class Officer or Center Representative decide to run for an MSC position, he or she must be willing to step down from their current voting position.