Academic Standards Committee - Entity Description

The Academic Standards Committee (ASC) is charged to develop and implement a systemic evaluation process for the components and outcomes of the medical education program. The ASC will review each IUSM course/learning unit, competency curricula, and student performance data at specified intervals to enhance the ability of the School to monitor and evaluate the educational program and make informed decisions to enhance the curriculum. After careful outcomes analysis, using national norms for learner performance as a frame of reference when possible and data from the assessment of learners and from faculty, the ASC will acknowledge exemplars, note deficiencies and make recommendations for the improvement of the objectives, content, pedagogy, design, learner assessments, and evaluation strategies being used by the components of the curriculum through regular reports made to the Curriculum Council Steering Committee. ASC also hears grade appeals after they have been reviewed by department chairs to make a recommendation to the Executive Associate Dean for Educational Affairs.