Academic Standards Committee - Eligibility and Selection

Eligibility and Selection of Students to Serve on the Academic Standards Committee

Students will be selected by the dean to sit on each Academic Standards Committee.
Candidates eligible to become members of the Academic Standards Committee are those students who are in good academic standing. The candidates selected to sit on the Academic Standards Committee will be a full member of the committee starting the spring after applying through the spring of the following year.
Candidates are interviewed and preference by the interview steering committee during Interview Day and presented by way of written recommendations to the Medical Student Council President and Vice-President. The President and Vice-President carefully consider the recommendations of the interview steering committee and assess the characteristics of all candidates for the position prior to making a recommendation for committee appointment to the Dean of the School of Medicine.
Preferred candidates will be recommended for each committee by the President and Vice-President to the Dean. Alternate candidates will also be recommended in the rare event that a chosen candidate is unable to fulfill his or her responsibilities on the committee for any reason.