Fourth Year Officers - Eligibility and Elections

Election of Fourth Year Class Officers

Candidates to become Class Officers may be any medical student in good standing within the same class year as the position sought.

Candidates for Class Officer positions must submit a written platform for candidacy to the President of the Medical Student Council.  Platforms must be received by the deadline prescribed by the President of the Medical Student Council.  The President of the Medical Student Council shall then make these platforms public, either online or in a public place within the Medical Science Building or Daly Center.  Elections shall be held online so as to allow students from all regional medical education centers to participate.

All members in good standing within the class may cast one vote per office for eligible candidates for Class Officer within their own class year.  Candidates themselves are granted the same privileges to vote in class elections.

Should a class officer be elected to another position with voting privileges within the Medical Student Council, he or she must step down from his or her current position before assuming the rights and responsibilities of the newly elected position.  No officer may hold two voting positions within the Medical Student Council at one time.

The offices of Class President, Vice President, and Treasurer may only be occupied by one individual at a time.  The office of Social Chairperson may be held by either one individual or two individuals simultaneously, though only one social chairperson will be granted voting privileges at Medical Student Council meetings.