FIRM Committee

The FIRM Committee was formed by members of Leadership in Medicine 2013 for the planning and execution of the first annual Finding Inspiration and Resilience in Medicine symposium on April 25, 2014. A strong partnership with MSC was quickly formed, and it was determined that a committee of new members would be appointed annually to ensure the continuation of this movement in the years ahead. Four to six rising MS4s will be selected as the 2015 FIRM Symposium Committee.

The following document contains a partial list of the responsibilities of FIRM committee members.  It is not required that members have experience in particular fields essential to the conference. In spirit of this conference it should be made up of volunteers interested in engaging faculty, residents, and students of IUSM and neighboring institutions to present a conference focused on identifying factors causing physician burnout and implementing individual, creative solutions for each of us to continue finding joy and meaning in our profession.  

Coordination: oversight into the development of the conference  As each individual has differing schedules and availabilities, it should be arranged that one person takes more tasks/assignments during a lighter month and will remit some responsibilities when he/she becomes more busy.  

Programming: develop the content of the conference.  Members should seek out individual members of the IU and Indianapolis medical community (or beyond) who are interested in leading small group discussions or breakout sessions on various topics and secure their involvement.  One individual should be responsible for identifying and securing a keynote speaker for the event and coordinating travel/lodging arrangements with Logistics Committee members.

Logistics: arranging the location of the FIRM conference, determining available dates for said conference, and arranging times for breakout sessions, keynote speech, lunch, etc.  Also need to secure catering/food for the event as well as travel/lodging for the keynote speaker and other traveling guests as needed.  Will need to work closely with OFAPD, MSA, and other departments within IUSM.  

Finance: raise funds necessary for the functioning of the conference.  An absolutely essential role, students should be able to develop a conference budget and estimated expense report early in the planning of the FIRM conference. Members will work closely with Student Affairs to monitor an account for the conference and make payments on the committee’s behalf.  

Advertising: creating logos, souvenir items, etc. for the conference. Additionally, members will develop/maintain a website that serves as a forum for discussion before or after the conference to create an “inspired” community of attendees.  Members of this group will work closely with Logistics, Programming, and Finance as well as Student Affairs and other organizations.