MSC Executive Regional Center Liaison Responsibilities

  1. Serve as the main Executive MSC point of contact for Statewide Center Representatives with their best interests in mind
  2. Host a minimum of two face-to-face sessions between RCL, RCL subcommittee, and Statewide Center Representatives per semester with the goal of determining discussion topics for the following MSC General Meeting in collaboration with pertinent Class Officers (e.g. First Year President and Second Year President)
  3. Appoint and oversee College Leaders of the RCL subcommittee; appointments will be made in conjunction with outgoing College Leaders and MSC Executive Vice President
  4. Provide guidance to MS1s and MS2s at regional centers with regards to Step 1 and 3rd year clerkships through fall and spring campus visits facilitated by the RCL subcommittee
  5. Orient incoming RCL
  6. Ensure proper elections of Regional Center Representatives
  7. Aid the other MSC Executives in MSC business