Faculty Advisor Guidelines

Faculty Advisor Specific Duties include:
  • Understanding national trends in their medical specialty and advising students of areas of change.
  • Having a working knowledge of residency programs and providing students with information pertaining to application, interviewing, and selection of their program.
  • Working with SIG leaders to develop the appropriate medium to transmit information pertinent to the specialty or the transition into residency programs to center students.
  • Meeting with the SIG leaders, at a minimum, once a quarter.
  • Communicating with other SIG advisors and the Office of Medical Student Affairs to provide a nidus for communication and sharing of best practices among SIG’s.
  • Assist in recruiting speakers for student group-sponsored talks, student shadowing opportunities, etc.
  • Help research and communicate opportunities for more student involvement, including research experiences, regional and national conference attendance, etc.
  • Facilitate leadership changeover each year with assistance from the Medical Student Council leadership.
  • Having a working knowledge of University Policies or acting as a liaison between SIG leaders and IU Administration to clarify these policies.
  • Being aware of Medical Student Council SIG guidelines, and becoming familiar with the student group constitution, mission statement, and history.
  • Working with SIG leaders to identify the appropriate medium which ensures that all center students are aware of the information outlined above.
  • Providing the Medical Student Council and Office of Medical Student Affairs a yearly recommitment statement or provide an appropriate replacement recommendation to SIG leaders.
(b) Special Interest Groups (non-medical specialty) clause:
  • Special Student Interest Groups that are NOT a medical specialty are required to adhere to the above policy where applicable. 
(c)  Advisor Replacement:
  • Should an advisor find that they are no longer able to fulfill their role as described above they are welcome to notify the Office of Medical Student Affairs and/or the Vice President of Membership for the Medical Student Council. 
  • SIGs who find that their advisor is not fulfilling the roles listed in Sec 4.6, part (a) should notify the Dean of Medical Student Affairs.