SIG Governance

  1. It is imperative, and a major emphasis within the MSC, that SIGs demonstrate a sustainable benefit to the students at IUSM to maintain their privileges as defined in Sec. 4.02; Part b.
  2. Required Reporting
    • The following must be reported to the VP of Membership:
      • Election results by June 1. (Obtained from MSC Secretary)
      • E-mail Targeting Compliance (Monitored by MSC Executive VP)
      • Current Constitution on file (Obtained from MSC Secretary)
      • Faculty Advisor's name and e-mail address (Obtained from MSC Secretary)
      • Documented Service/Development Opportunity (via End-of-year Report Form)
      • List of SIG Events/Meetings with dates. (via End-of-year Report Form)
    • (ii)  SIGs approved mid-year will be tracked beginning in the following fall.
  3. An ad hoc SIG Accountability Committee will be responsible for governing compliance with the above expectations as well as issuing corrective action directives.  This committee will be composed of 4 SIG representatives and chaired by the VP of Membership.
    • Review of all SIGs and reporting of compliance will be made on an annual basis (e.g. late spring).
    • Reviews will be conducted via e-mail and meetings required only in the case of an appeal.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of each SIG to maintain accurate records and provide yearly updates to the MSC VP of Membership.  Failure to do so may result in failure of compliance and revocation of privileges based on the following process:
    • SIG leaders will be notified by the Accountability Committee during summer regarding their non-compliant status.  No further action will be taken at this time.
    • Any SIGs not compliant at the subsequent mid-year review will forfeit their MSC membership and privileges outlined in Sec 4.02, Part (b). 
  5. Appeals Procedure
    • SIGs who have failed the mid-year review may arrange a meeting with the SIG Accountability Committee to appeal.
    • The SIG Accountability Committee may choose three rulings: (1). Denial of Appeal, (2). Requiring compliance after a Probationary Period extended until the fall review, or (3). Reversal of punitive action.
    • SIGs who have been ruled to be non-compliant and have been denied appeal must reapply for SIG status via the procedure outlined in Sec. 4.02, Part (a) of the MSC Bylaws.