SIG Expectations

In order to stay in good standing once the group has been recognized, each Student Interest Group must adhere to the following annual requirements:

  1. Elections -- held by the end of April with results communicated to the MSC Secretary by June 1 of the same year.
  2. Regular Meetings – groups must hold at least 4 meetings per school year and communicate these events to the student body through appropriate methods (e.g. fliers, email, Student Organization Calendar, IUPUI calendar) to an extent suitable for the size and scale of the event.
    • These events/meetings include but are not limited to lunch talks on special topics (e.g. research, away rotations, specialty specific topics, and current events discussions), SIG planning meetings, journal clubs, etc.
  3. Service Project/Workshop – Each SIG is expected to offer/organize at least 1 service/development opportunity (e.g. Student Outreach Clinic Day, clinical skills day) for its members.  This may or may not be related to the particular interest area of the SIG.
    • This event should be designed to provide side-by-side collaboration among SIG members to foster team building.
  4. Membership - There is no minimum requirement for attendance at meetings or membership; however, there should be, in attendance, a number of participants greater than the executive leadership of the respective SIG on a consistent basis.
  5. MSC Meetings - A representative from each SIG is encouraged to attend at least one MSC meeting per year. Attendance at monthly MSC meetings is not required to remain in good standing; however, group representatives are encouraged to attend and failure to attend will not excuse the groups from failing to act on information provided at these meetings.
  6. SIG Leader Orientation – All SIGs must send at least one representative, preferably two, to participate in an annual SIG orientation for new officers.  This meeting will occur during the summer as arranged by the VP of Membership.
  7. Adhere to Email Targeting Rules as follows:
    • Unlimited access to individual SIG listserve. The MSC Secretary will advertise all listserves to the student body, including centers, on a semesterly basis.
    • Each SIG is allowed 2 emails/semester to the Indy campus. This is monitored and enforced by the Executive VP.
    • Statewide emails must be routed through