Student Leadership Resources

Select the attachments below for important documents for Student Leaders!!

Topics include:

  • How to send e-mails and manage Interest Group E-mail accounts
  • Google Student Orgs Calendar
  • Rules regarding SIG's
  • MSC Structure overview
  • Important Contacts
  • Event Planning tools
  • Level III Competency Information


SIG Leaders Handbook: This is the detailed how-to reference for all SIG leaders.  Includes hyperlinks to help you navigate the document itself and to help find important online websites and forms.  This document can be your "hub" for planning your SIG's activities thoughout the year.  Much of the covered topics also pertain to, and are useful for, other student leaders too. 

SIG Orientation PowerPoint:
This is the presentation used by the VP of Membership at SIG orientation on June 6th, 2013.  This covers much of the same material as the Handbook, but in less detail.  Use this to take notes during Orientation, or as an intro into SIG leadership and student leadership.  This is not intended to be a go-to reference (the Handbook fulfills that role).  Also includes some info for OMSL leaders. 

SIG School Year To-Do List: This serves as a guide for SIG leaders as they plan their activities for the year.  Includes the yearly requirements as well as suggestions from the VP of Membership to help make transitioning between officers easier.  This document can be downloaded and edited by each SIG to meet their specific needs. 

SIG End-of-Year Report: This document must be filled out by each SIG and emailed to the VP of Membership and the MSC Secretary before the end of May each year. 

Faculty Guidelines: as part of the End-of-Year Report, SIG leaders must review and give feedback on their faculty advisor's level of involvement as well as their adherence to these guidelines. This can be accomplished by going over these guidelines together in a 10-15 minute meeting.

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