MSC Executive Board Election Platforms

Dear students,

Attached you will find the platforms submitted for the 2013-2014 MSC Executive Council Elections, to take place November 12th. While any IUSM student is welcome to ask questions of candidates and participate in the discussions that occur during the elections, only voting members (MSC Execs, Class Officers, and Center Reps) will be able to vote on the candidates. Thus, I urge any interested student to contact a voting member or to attend elections if they would like to participate.
The MSC Executives represent all medical students statewide and help facilitate/spearhead initiatives to improve the academic environment and student life at IUSM. I strongly encourage all students to take an interest in these elections!
The candidates are listed below in alphabetical order by last name for each office:
  • President - Joel Franco, Jenna Fritsch
  • Executive VP - Chad Flowers, Joel Franco, James Grogan
  • Vice President of Membership - Jason White
  • Secretary - Rahul Abhyankar, Dessi Moneva
  • Treasurer - Charles Goodwin, Darren Plummer, Jason White
Further details about elections are included in the attached platforms packet. If you have any questions about this process or about how to get more involved in the school, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thanks, and best of luck to our candidates!
Janice L. Farlow
President, 2012-2013
Medical Student Council
Platforms Packet.pdf9.29 MB