MSC org chart

Center Reps
Center Reps:
  1. President
  2. ExecVP
  3. VP-Membership
  4. ExecRCL
  5. Secretary
  6. Treasurer
    MSC Treasurer
  1. MS-I Class Officers
  2. MS-II Class Officers
  3. MS-III Class Officers
  4. MS-IV Class Officers
  1. Admission Committee
    AC: Serve as a full participant in the admissions and candidate selection process, as well as full voting members on the admissions committee. An additional interview will be required for applicants to this committee.
  2. Academic Standards Committee

    Evaluate and assess the medical education program at Indiana University School of Medicine.

  3. Curriculum Council Basic Science Component

    Oversee the first and second year basic science and clinical medicine education programs.

  4. Curriculum Council Clinical Component

    Oversee the third and fourth year clinical education programs.

  5. Curriculum Council Steering Committee

    Oversee the undergraduate medical education program, the combined degree programs, and the graduate programs leading to the Masters and Ph.D. degrees in the medical sciences.

  6. Student Promotions Committee
    SPC: Monitor medical student academic and professionalism standards by reviewing academic performance after each grading period and after each USMLE. MS4 members will serve alongside IUSM Deans of Medical Student Affairs, Clerkship Directors, and chosen faculty members as voting members in the medical student disciplinary and dismissal process. An additional interview will be required for applicants to this committee.
  7. Student Research Committee

    Oversee the undergraduate medical research program and the combined degree programs, as well as garner interest in research opportunities for medical students in the summer between their first and second years and beyond.

  8. Teacher-Learner Advocacy Committee
    TLAC: Foster and ensure a professional learning environment by assisting in conflict resolution and sponsoring programs to enhance communication and professionalism in all learning environments. An additional interview will be required for applicants to this committee.
  1. Admission Ambassadors

    Work to make students participating in medical school admissions interviews at Indiana University School of Medicine more comfortable during their day on campus.

  2. Competency Teams Liaisons

    Facilitate communication between the competency teams and the MSC, which ultimately communicates with the entire student body.

  3. Evening Of The Arts

    Organize the annual event at which students and staff of the School of Medicine are given an opportunity to showcase their musical, artistic, theatrical, dance, or other talents.

  4. Finding Inspiration And Resilience In Medicine Conference Committee
  5. GLIC Committee

    The GLIC committee is responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating IUSM’s third year Global Longitudinal Intercession Curriculum. This curriculum serves as a means for providing a longitudinal component to the third year clerkships.

  6. Graduate And Professional Student Government

    Serve a two year term as the primary liaison for the Medical Student Council within the larger IUPUI Student Government, which represents the concerns of all graduate and professional students.

  7. MUMPS
  8. On Call Student Newspaper

    On Call is the student-produced newspaper at Indiana University School of Medicine. Distributed to students via website and Twitter feed, it serves to keep all of IUSM up to date on current events and what is happening in and around the school.

  9. Organization Of Student Representatives

    Bring medical student opinion to the AAMC leaders in Washington, D.C. several times per year, and to the OSR representatives at national and regional meetings. One member of this committee will be designated the “primary” OSR (usually the current MS3), with three “alternate” OSRs.

  10. Peer Advisor Program
    PAP: Serve as a resource for information, materials, and mentors to help integrate new IUSM students into the social and educational environment.
  11. Spring Formal Committee

    The Spring Formal Committee Co-chairs will coordinate and organize the spring formal currently known as the St. Vitus Dance. The Co-Chairs are also responsible for keeping MSC and the student body updated on issues relevant to the Spring Formal.

  12. Used Book Sale Coordinators

    Make educational materials available to students at a lower price via sales of books donated from past students.

  13. Website Development Team

    Facilitate communication between the MSC and the medical student body by updating and improving the MSC website.

  14. Wellness Liaisons

    Provide a statewide education in wellness and self care by encouraging students to take time out of their school schedule to focus on themselves and their personal physical and mental health.

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