Center Representatives - Responsibilities

Center Representatives serve as liaisons between each of the eight regional medical centers and the Indianapolis campus. A Center Representative from each class is elected by the student population at each regional medical center except Indianapolis. Regional campuses that offer a full third-year curriculum may also elect an MSIII Center Representative.

Center Representatives are required to attend all Medical Student Council meetings via video conference (PolyCom), and they are expected to represent the views, goals, and opinions of their peers at all meetings and Medical Student Council functions as voting members. They are also expected to attend all conference calls held by the Regional Center Liaison assigned to their campus to promote inter-campus communication. For further information about the role and responsibility of the Center Representative, please see the MSC Bylaws.

Policies and procedures regarding eligibility and election of Center Representatives vary from medical center to medical center and have largely been developed by the student population at each center, resulting in the development of election processes that best fit the unique culture and diversity present at each of the eight regional medical centers.