Teleconferencing instruction

The following procedure is adapted from Video Bridge connection guide by Digital Media Network Service.
If anyone has issues before or during the meeting, please call the HELP DESK at 812-856-2020.

Using IU videoconferencing equipment from IU sites:
To quick-connect to this meeting enter 2298765
Using non-IU videoconferencing endpoint:
  1. Connect to the IU Guest Portal at:
  2. Activate your touch tone screen, on some systems this is the # key, and press 1 to "Dial a Conference Number."
  3. Enter the full conference number, followed by “#” (e.g., "2298765#")
  4. Press “#” again to place the call.
Using a telephone:
To connect to a videoconference by telephone, you must call the Auto Attendant and enter the conference code and PIN (if required).
Dial the Auto Attendant: 812-856-7060.
Enter the conference code number, followed by the # key. 2298765 followed by the #key
Controlling the Conference View (Layout) in a Video Bridge Connection:
Press the "far" button on your remote control.
Press the "up/down" buttons to cycle through the available views.
Press the “near” button once you find a view you like