Finding Funding for Your Event

What Sources of Money Are There?

Finding funding has often been the trickiest part of holding events, but it shouldn't be! The main sources of funding include:

Campus Funding
Every student contributes to the mandatory ‘general fee’ that can then be accessed for student activities. For the Indianapolis campus, these fees get routed through IUPUI first, which then allocates a given amount several times per year. Groups at the Indy campus can apply for funds from this Indianapolis Student Activities Fund (which in the past was known as MSC funding) toward the bottom of this page. For all other campuses, requests for funding from the campus Student Activities Fund should be made directly to the campus' Student Activities Fund Committee. You can find out how to contact your committee through your Center Director.
For service-learning activities on the Indianapolis campus, there are resources and potentially funds available through the Office of Medical Service-Learning (OMSL). Official OMSL projects have a budgeted amount each year, and MSC-recognized SIGs are entitled to $100 per year provided that the project meets service-learning criteria [Note: MSC-recognized SIGs applying for these funds can just apply through the Indianapolis Student Activities Fund application at the end of this page - but be sure to note that this is a service-learning project!]. For other project inquiries, please contact the Medical Student Service-Learning Group (MSSG) at
IUPUI Funding
Groups at the Indianapolis campus that are recognized IUPUI groups can apply for additional funding from IUPUI. This funding source is known as SOG (Student Organization Grants) and we encourage Indy groups to take advantage of this source. Please note that this funding is given on a first come first serve basis, so more money is available earlier in the year. Please see here for more information on how to apply. Note that for campuses outside of Indianapolis, depending on your event, you may be able to seek funding through the local university campus as well.
Student leaders are encouraged to look at external grant sources and fundraising opportunities as well. Please note that certain university regulations may apply to certain types of fundraisers (e.g. raffles). If you have questions about this, please contact the MSC Treasurer.

Apply for Indianapolis Student Activities Funding

Each summer, the Medical Student Council is allocated a portion of IUPUI's General Fee funds for use on activities and events to enrich the experience of medical school for all Indianapolis-based medical students. In 2008, IUPUI implemented a new funding process for student organizations. This twopronged funding process split the original Student Activity Fee pot of money in half, distributing half of the money to the various student councils and half to a new committee, the Student Development Funding Committee, made up of students and staff hand-selected and appointed by a Vice Chancellor level administrator at IUPUI.

Funding from the Indianapolis Student Activities Fund (previously known as the MSC Fund) will be voted on by the Executive Committee and is subject to the IUPUI Student Organizations Grant regulations. As noted earlier, this funding is only for Indianapolis students (see Campus Funding above).



Students must order food for meetings/lunch talks through the Chartwells organization which has an exclusive contract on this campus.

Instructions for ordering food:

  1. View Chartwells menu here:
    They’ll need the following info:
    1. Date/Time/Location of event
    2. Number of anticipated participants
    3. Name and contact information (including phone #) for SIG
    4. At ‘checkout’ for payment you’ll click on “P.O” and the P.O. # will be: TBD
  2. AFTER event, drop off (or scan/email) Sign-in sheet and Hospitality Form to Kim Anderson in MS 164

NOTE: students/guests generally provide their own drinks so please avoid ordering beverages.

There are a few exceptions to the Chartwells exclusivity contract which are:

  1. food expense less than $100
  2. meetings held in IU Health or other non-IU buildings on campus
  3. meetings held off-campus
  4. must use approved vendor list.

 If you meet the ‘exceptions’ guidelines (above) we’ll need the following to pay vendor:

  1. The Original, Itemized receipt or Invoice from Vendor
  2. Sign-in sheet (who attended)
  3. Completed Hospitality Form.

Turn the above 3 items in to Kim Anderson in MS 164 (or they can be scanned/emailed)


If your group is planning on purchasing supplies, equipment or services for an event, students will need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact treasurer to discuss items you would like to purchase; vendors approved by IU must be used for many categories of items.  For example, the following all have approved vendors: tables/chairs, imprinting (t-shirts, hats, etc.), copying and promotional items. 
  2. A purchase order (PO) will be initiated and sent to the vendor prior to the purchase.
  3. The vendor delivers the purchased items, or items are picked up.
  4. The vendor provides an invoice and receives payment directly (this will alleviate reimbursement process).

Students can be reimbursed for unexpected or emergency purchases, however the above PO process is the preferred method.  Please note that these type of reimbursements are limited to $200.

Please discuss any questions on specific types of expenses with Kim Anderson or MSC Treasurer BEFORE you make such purchases, to ensure that you get reimbursed.

A Message from the Treasurer:

The MSC is here for you and wants to help you as much as possible, but keep in mind that the total budget for the year runs between $10,000-$15,000 per year and these funds are shared between over 20 different Student Interest Groups. Why am I telling you this? Basically be courteous in your request, I know that as medical students money is tight, but if you make a request for over $1,000 you are asking that your SIG use 10-15% of the total budget: this is simply not fair to the other SIGS. We will do as much as possible to work with you and ensure that your event can take place. Just think about controlling your costs as much as possible so we all can benefit from the funds allotted to the MSC.

Forms & Examples:

Corbin Frye
MSC Treasurer, 2014

W9 form.pdf72.13 KB
Food Vendors list 7-2013.xls226.5 KB