Wanted to give everyone a heads up on when the MSC meetings will be for the rest of the Fall Semester:
Wed Oct 17 CE 405
Mon Nov 12 CE 409
Thurs Nov 29 CE 268

There was really no time in December that seemed to be a good time for a meeting, so we have scheduled two in November. Remember that MSC Exec elections will take place at the official November meeting (Nov 12), and the last meeting of the calendar year (Nov 29) will be jointly run by the incoming and outgoing board.

Please mark your Calendars! Of course I will be sending out a school-wide email closer to each date to remind everyone!
Hope to see everyone there!
Jenna Fritsch
MSC Secretary 2012


Positions for MSC Executive Officers now open!

Do you want to make an impact on your school? Serving as one of the Medical Student Council Executive Officers is a great way to do so! Any medical student from any year in good academic standing can run for one or more of the five executive positions. Candidates should write a one-page platform (details below) and speak at the next MSC meeting (Wed Nov 9, 3-5 minutes with questions).

Platforms are due on Wed Oct 26. Each candidate should write one platform, regardless of the number of positions he or she is running for. The platform should include:
Why the student is a good candidate for the position
Why the student wishes to hold the position
What specific ideas the student has for the position

Responsibilities for each position can be found here (click Member Responsibilities). Those interested are encouraged to contact the current officers to find out more about the positions.

Level 3 Competency in Professionalism -- now available to student leaders!

Courtesy of the MSC, student leaders are now all eligible to apply for a Level 3 Competency in Professionalism. For complete details, please see the proposal.


The MSC has organized a Nuts and Bolts session for all medical student groups at 5pm Wed Nov 9 directly before the next MSC meeting. If you are or are seeking to be a registered group with IUPUI (requirements here) to apply for IUPUI funding or to get free color printing through the school, your group must send a representative to a Nuts and Bolts session for the year, fill out a renewal form, and submit an advisor agreement. If you can't make it to the MSC-sponsored Nuts and Bolts session, you can find a full list of sessions here.

International Experience Policy

Due to past confusion about the medical school's policy on student travel abroad, the existing policy has been reformatted and modified slightly for medical student use. For complete details on this policy, please see this document.

IT resources: SIG printing, teleconferencing

SIG Printing

Each registered Student Interest Group (SIG) in Indianapolis has 60 free color copies per month through the Media Productions Center. If you are a representative of a SIG that needs copying, please contact iupuimpc@iupui.edu with your group's name, the number of copies you would like, and your attachment in .pdf format.

Please note that you must be registered through IUPUI for this service. If you are registered only through the Medical Student Council (MSC), you may contact one of the MSC Executive Council Officers to use some of the MSC's monthly allotment on a first come, first serve basis.

Teleconferencing instructions

There has been a lot of confusion lately on how to connect to Video Bridge to join the MSC meeting from regional campuses, so we have created an instruction on how to connect from IU sites, non-IU sites, or your phone, adapted from ones provided by Digital Media Network Services.

These and other IT instructions have been added to the General Student Resources page. Please take a look at your convenience and let us know if there is any item you would like to add or if you notice an outdated item, and we will respond to your request swiftly.

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