Welcome back!

Welcome, Class of 2018! Hope everyone had a great summer! Here are a few exciting events to be aware of:

  • Tues, Aug 5 - SIG Leaders Orientation, 6-9pm, MS B26
  • Wed, Aug 6 - MS1 service project
  • Fri, Aug 8 - MS1 activities fair, 9:30-11am, MS Atrium
  • Mon, Aug 18 - Medical Student Council "State of the Council" general meeting, 5-6pm, Campus Center 309

Meeting cancelled

We've decided to cancel the April 16 general meeting since we don't have anything on the agenda, and historically there is low attendance at this time of year. MSC will reconvene in the fall.

Rooms with MediaSite Capabilities

List of rooms with true MediaSite recorders (B26 and 326 cannot Video Conference):
MS 326
MS B26
EH 304
R3 c203

List of rooms with Video Conferencing system (which can also be recorded to MediaSite) available for student use:
MS 122a
MS B11
MS B14
Daly 185
EH 304
IB 303
R3 c203
R3 c303
R3 c305
Long 251
Glick 103
Fesler Hall 319
Fairbanks 5005

MSC Exec Elections

Hello Students!

The MSC Executive elections are rapidly approaching! This year, the elections will take place at the MSC Leadership Day, which will be held on Saturday October 19th (more info/details to follow). We invite all students interested in seeking an MCS Executive role to please attend the next MSC General Meeting (Sept 23, 6pm, CE 405) to learn more about how the MSC functions as well as pick up on some ideas for your campaign platform. 
Students planning to run for an executive position should also plan to attend the MSC Leadership Day, so please plan ahead about asking for time off from clerkship/classroom duties that day. If you are struggling to get this time off, please contact me (Jenna Fritsch, jnfritsc@gmail.com), and I can assist you with getting Dean-approved excusal. 
I encourage interested students to please review the roles/responsibilities of the executive positions online here and contact the officer currently in the position to ask him/her questions regarding the role.  We are in the process of attempting to create and approve a sixth executive position whose responsibility would be to serve as a "statewide executive" in charge of issues related to the satellite campuses. This position is to be held by a student that spend their first two years at one of the satellite campuses (if the position does indeed get approved by the MSC). The executive treasurer position is to be held by a student residing in Indianapolis for efficient coordination of MSC finance. The other executive positions are open to anyone at any campus. 
I will send a more formal announcement regarding due dates of platforms at a later time, but platforms will likely be due in early October and speeches will take place at Leadership Day.  Elections proceed in the following order, and are drop-down elections meaning that if a candidate does not get one position, they can choose to run for the subsequent exec positions if they would like:   President--> VP --> VP of Membership --> (RCL/Statewide Exec) --> Treasurer --> Secretary.  Despite the drop-down structure, I encourage candidates to only run for positions which truly interest them and for which they have designed a solid platform.  I have attached the platforms written last year by the current officers to give you an idea of the type of information you may consider including in your own platform. 
Hope you see many of you at the next MSC meeting and looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas for the school! Please let me know if you have any questions.
Jenna Fritsch
MSC President 2013
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