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The primary focuses of our research are design and development of new materials with unique structure, property, and performance for electrochemical energy conversion and storage. Our research encompasses design and synthesis of new materials including electrolyte and electrode materials, advanced materials characterization, and a fundamental understanding of the structure-property-performance relationships of materials.


Rechargeable lithium batteries are critical to our life and they also play a significant role in power supplies for hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles. The increasing demands of high energy batteries drive the development of high capacity electrode materials and high voltage cathodes. Our research interest in batteries lies in next-generation efficient liquid and solid electrolytes and advanced cathodes, e.g., 5 V transition metal oxides, sulfur and oxygen (air). We are particularly interested in understanding the fundamental hurdles preventing the practical application of these materials and provide guidance for developing close-to-reality materials and systems.


Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering/Science & Technology Building, SL 260D | 317-274-8983