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Recent Projects:

  1. CFD Presentations
  2. Environmental Air Flow Modeling
  3. Pharmaceutical CFD
  4. Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations



  The Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory was established in 1986 within the Department of Mechanical Engineering to conduct research and develop software in the areas of computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

  The laboratory is supported through a number of research grants. Current research projects include the finite element and finite volume solution of three-dimensional flow problems; high speed compressible flow calculations for internal and external flows; unsteady flow computations; moving body flows with unstructured meshes; parallel computing; load balancing for parallel computing on parallel processors and network of workstations; and high-performance grid computing.

  Other research projects include the design and simulation of pulse detonation engine and wave rotor non-steady flow cycle; transient flow and combustion calculations; solid-fluid interactions; CFD simulations of pharmaceutical processes; and multi-scale modeling of fuel cells.

Some past and present projects are:

  • Parallel Grid Computing on the Teragrid
  • Multi-Scale Modeling of Fuel Cells
  • Development of Computational Fluid Dynamics Models for Improving Performance of Pharmaceutical Isolators, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Parallel Computing, Dynamic Load Balancing, and Metacomputing on PC and Workstation Clusters, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • New CFD Algorithms for Large-Scale Parallel Computing Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
  • Combustion Wave Rotor and Pulse Detonation Engine Ejector Flow Simulations and Design, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Computer Environments, Dassault Aviation
  • CFD Code Parallelization and Development of Solid-fluid Interaction Models for Aeroelasticity
  • Parallelization of Combustion Codes, Rolls-Royce Corporation and NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Internal Combustion Engine Flows for Pulse Detonation Engine Simulations, Allison Advanced Engine Development Company
  • Advanced Propulsion and Power Systems Research, State of Indiana 21st Century Research Fund

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

723 West Michigan Street, SL 260 Indianapolis, IN 46202-5132

Phone: 317 274-9717
Fax: 317 274-9744


Lab Faculty

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