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Hosts File ( Each lines of this file contains host name, user name, full path of the executable name which user wants to use in the simulation of his/her problem, and the current working directory.  Not all processors need to be used by user but it will be available to DLB balancer in block redistribution process. Each line must contain following four information for each computer node:

host_name   username   executable_name   working_directory_name

Example: Full machine names are given here for four machines. eyilmaz /usr/local/cfd01/eyilmaz2/Pacer3D/Dlb/pacer3d_aix /usr/local/cfd01/eyilmaz2/Pacer3d/case eyilmaz /usr/local/cfd01/eyilmaz2/Pacer3D/Dlb/pacer3d_aix /usr/local/cfd01/eyilmaz2/Pacer3d/case eyilmaz /usr/local/cfd01/eyilmaz2/Pacer3D/Dlb/pacer3d_linux /usr/local/cfd01/eyilmaz2/Pacer3d/case eyilmaz /usr/local/cfd01/eyilmaz2/Pacer3D/Dlb/pacer3d_linux /usr/local/cfd01/eyilmaz2/Pacer3d/case

Timing File: Each line of this file contains process (block) number, total number of grids in the block and total elapsed time (as seconds) to solve this block. User (or application programmer) should provide necessary implementation to extract relative elapsed timing for each block. Prior to the first run of DLB, Timing File is generated by application program. Each line must provide following information for each block. 

block_number   block_size   elapsed_time


1   1125    87
2   1240    94
3   1057    79
4   1189    91

For subsequent DLB cycles this file is to be regenerated by the application program.

Interface file: Each line of this file contains source block number, destination block number, and the size of the message as a byte.

block_number   neighbor_block_number  interface_size (in bytes)


Lets say between block 0 and 1 you have 500 grid points on the interface and you have 5 single precision (4 bytes) solution variables for your CFD solver.  Your message size will be 10000 bytes (500x5x4) and the Interface file looks like as follows.

0   1   10000
0   2   11500
1   2   11060


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