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Software :


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System Requirements  and  installation of DLB


For LINUX/UNIX Operating Systems:


Java 1.4 is recommended for System Agent and DLB Agent.

User can use either of two MPI implementations, MPICH or LAM/MPI 


Installation and the usage of the DLB is not required any root privilege.  User has to use the following command the install DLB. (This will create GDLB_1.1 directory in local current directory)


tar -xvf GDLB_1.1.tar


The content of the GDLB_1.1 is as follows:


bin: This directory contain systemagent and dlbagent scripts

  1. systemagent: This script is used to start the System Agent on the machine which user wants to use it on the DLB environment.

  2. dlbagent: This script is used to the load balancing.

Before using above two scripts, modify DLB_HOME environment variable in the scripts.  This variable has to be set with full path name of the GDLB_1.1 directory user will use.


lib: This directory contains gdlb_1.1.jar file which is required to run the systemagent and dlbagent scripts.


Build: This directory is created by the Apache ANT java building tool when the DLB code is compiled.


Build.xml: This is a input file for  Apache ANT tool.


src: This directory contains all source codes.


Normally user does not need to compile the DLB.  If someone wants to rebuild the DLB, it has to issue following commands in the GDLB_1.1 directory.


ant clean




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