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Current Projects:

The Indiana 21st Century Research & Technology Project

   Indiana 21st Century Research & Technology Project "Multi-scale Methodology for the Design of Active Materials". The Indiana 21st Century Research & Technology Fund was established by the State in 1999 to support the expansion of the high technology sector of Indiana's economy, with the expectation of creating significant economic impact and job growth.
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The Fund implements these goals through the creation of academic-commercial sector research and development partnerships. The Fund makes awards based on peer review, involving a review panel comprised of science and technology researchers and economics experts from across the country.

Internation Collaboration On Fuel Cell Research with KIST

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   International Collaboration on fuel cell research with KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology) "Application of novel thin film deposition techniques for fabrication of MEAs in PEM fuel cells".
Research Projects::

1. Molecular simulation of carbon nanotubes for improved design of hydrogen storage

2. Lattice-Boltzmann methods for micro-and nano-porous flows in fuel cell materials

3. Body-fitted grid computational fluid dynamics methods using the Lattice-Boltzmann algorithm

4. Experimental test of performance of PEM (proton-exchange-membrane) fuel cells




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